Eductors and Ejectors

Manufactured by Samhwa

Eductors — These jet mixing eductors are placed in a vessel and fed by a recirculation line. The recirculated liquid sucks in surrounding liquid from the vessel, mixes with it, and is ejected. The ejected liquid promotes further mixing by forming a swirling flow inside the vessel.

Ejectors — Four types are available:

Steam: These offer a range of vacuum levels using steam as the motive fluid. Single stage units are for low vacuum use, while high vacuum applications require multistage designs with intercondensers.

Steam Jet Liquid: For transporting, discharging, or heating liquid with high speed steam as the motive fluid.

Liquid: Used to suck and mix, transport, or compress fluids using high speed fluid (usually water) as the motive medium.

Air: Installed in the suction line of a water sealed vacuum pump, using atmospheric air as the motive medium.

Ejector systems are available for producing higher vacuum levels.

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