Thermal Shut-off for Fire Safe Valves

Manufactured by BI-TORQ

BI-TORQ, now a Strahman company, is a leader in the manufacture of fusible link thermal shut-off assemblies for fire safe quarter-turn valves (TSV and ESV). BI-TORQ also offers fire safe ball and butterfly valves as well as actuators and automation accessories for those valves.

  • Thermal Shut-off Features
  • FM approved
  • Can be applied to any API 607 fire safe valve, up to 24 inch size
  • Most valves can be manually operated even when armed
  • Remote activation options available
  • Variety of activation temperatures available
  • Valve Features
  • Construction and testing are API 607 and 598 certified, respectively
  • Ball valve sizes from 0.5 to 6 inch; butterfly valve sizes from 2 to 24 inch.
  • Carbon or SS construction
  • Re-settable emergency block valves (R-EBV) available