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Continuous Process Dryers   Versatile dryer for wide variety of applications
Desuperheaters   For chemical process applications
Drum Dryers / Drum Flakers   For food and chemical applications
Eductors / Ejectors   For pharmaceutical and chemical applications
Filtration   Filter cartridges, strainers, and filtration/ separation systems
Pipe & Fittings: Hastelloy / Titanium   Large inventory of pipe and fittings
Process Valves   For polymer and chemical applications
Process Vessels    Reactors, columns, digesters, heat exchangers built to your specificaitons
Static Mixers   Helical, HSM, and gas mixers for polymer, extrusion, and chemical lines
Thermal Shut-off for Fire Safe Valves   For processes involving flammable and other hazardous fluids
Thin Film / Short Path Processors    For evaporating or distilling heat sensitive materials