Continuous Process Dryer

Manufactured by Wyssmont

The Turbo-Dryer® is a very versatile dryer offering gentle handling with little dust or fines, product mixing for high uniformity, and the tightest temperature control of any dryer available.


  • Temperatures up to 650°C
  • Precisely controlled temperature and residence time
  • Easily adjusted and automatically maintained drying conditions
  • Can adjust to varying feed rates
  • Environmentally sealed and explosion-proof models
  • Operates as a dryer, cooler, reactor, heat treater, calciner, humidifier, agglomerator, sublimer, roaster, or combination of the above

Associated Products

  • Feeders
  • Solids granulation and agglomeration equipment
  • Lump breakers

General purpose dryer shown; special purpose dryers available for solvent recovery and other uses.