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Barrels   For extruders and injection molding machines
Extrusion Pumps   To improve extrusion line throughput and product quality
Maintenance Items   Band and cartridge heaters, rupture discs, filter screens, thermocouples, transducers
Material Blenders   Blenders and additive feeders
Material Conveying   Railcar unloading, central vacuum systems, hopper loaders
Material Dryers   Centralized systems, desiccant units, and hot air units
Material Storage   Silos, surge bins, super sack stations, gaylord tilters
Screen Changers    Manual, slideplate, piston-type continuous and backflush units
Screws   For extruders and injection molding machines
Services   Repairs for extruder gear cases, gear pumps, screen changers; field borescoping and alignment
Static Mixers / Heat Exchangers    For extrusion line melt mixing, heating, and cooling