Raw Material Conveying

Manufactured by Thoreson McCosh Inc.

Material Loaders Three types are offered:

  • Hopper style automated loader provides precise control over load time and material percentages for loads up to 1,000 lb./hr.
  • Automated minimum inventory loader/hopper handles material with the least possible exposure to moisture. Loads from 250-750 lb./hr.
  • Portable vacuum pump unit designed for standard loading configurations with throughputs from 200 to 1,500 lb./hr.

Railcar Unloading These systems offer the advantage of vacuum and pressurized material conveying in one unit. Capacities from 7,500 to 25,000 lb./hr.

Central Vacuum Available in either regenerative or positive displacement type units, these systems provide reliable material conveying and filtration.

A complete plant-wide material management system can be custom designed and installed, including storage, dryers, blenders, loaders, conveying systems, valves, and controls.

Hopper loaders and portable loader Railcar unloading system
Central vacuum installation