Mixing Heat Exchangers

Manufactured by Samhwa

We specialize in building heat exchangers which incorporate static mixing elements and are specially suited for heating/cooling high viscosity fluids. The mixers continuously renew the interface between the product and tube wall, thereby producing much higher heat transfer (3x to 4x) and a uniform heat history in the product. Mixing heat exchangers are very compact, offering a short residence time.

Units can be provided to meet ASME, DIN, Chinese Safety Quality License, and other certifications.

New Design Lowers Cost —  A new, patented design, developed by JLS and Samhwa and proven on customer polyester lines worldwide, substantially reduces vessel weight, and therefore cost. It does this by passing the product through coiled tubes that surround mixing elements (see photo below right). This arrangement provides the same benefits as traditional designs, but requires much less flange and wall thickness for a given pressure.

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Devolatilization preheaters, each containing 1,890 tubes with 3,638 ft2 (338m2) surface area
111 tube polyester cooler with 102 ft2 (9.45 m2) surface area
New coil-mixer design