Static Mixers: Gas and Low Viscosity Liquids

Manufactured by Samhwa and Westfall

(for Helical and HSM Mixers, click here)

JLS offers a variety of static mixers for low viscosity liquids and gases.

  • HSM-L type mixers from Samhwa.
  • Injection mixers offered in 3 beta ratios and pipe sizes up to 120".
  • Unique vane mixers for low head applications; available in one, two, or three-stage versions, and pipe sizes up to 120".
  • Conditioning mixers that eliminate swirl caused by pipe bends and other conditions; available in pipe sizes up to 120".

These mixers require no maintenance and produce the desired results in a very compact space.

Gas mixer element
Static injection mixer
Static mixer for pressure-limited operation
Flow conditioner mixes and removes swirl