Buflovak Drum Dryers and Cooling Drum Flakers

Manufactured by Buflovak

Drum Dryers are available in single and double drum models. Single drum units may be dip or splash fed, or equipped with applicator rolls. The latter is particularly effective for drying high viscosity liquids or pasty materials such as mashed potatoes, applesauce, fruit-starch mixtures, gelatin, dextrine-type adhesives, polyacrylamide, synthetic resins, and various starches.

Double drum dryers are the most versatile and widely applied. These dryers are used to dry many food, chemical, and pharmaceutical materials of widely varying densities and viscosities: dilute solutions, heavy liquids, pasty materials, or fairly heavy sludges. The movable drum permits complete control of product film thickness. Feed may be by perforated tube trough, pendulum, or special engineered devices.

Cooling Drum Flakers — Special applications include single drum, double drum, twin drum, and special flaker configurations. Enclosures range from dust-tight, vapor tight, and extra tight designs.

Testing Lab and Rental Units

Buflovak maintains a complete testing facility for testing your product on all their equipment. Also rental units are available for some applications and equipment for use at the customers facility.

Above: double drum dryer   Below: cooling drum flaker