Static Mixers: Helical and HSM

Manufactured by Samhwa

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Helical Mixers —  Four types are available:

General Purpose: For liquid and powder mixing, reaction, extraction, dividing, composition, coloring, emulsification, heat exchange, pH control, neutralization, diffusion.

Food / Pharmaceutical: For applications such as edible oil, mayonnaise, ice cream chocolate, beverage/milk industry, ketchup, pharmaceuticals.

Viscous Fluids / High Pressure: Used for molten resin coloring and polymer mixing, plastics extrusion, mixing and dividing in chemical fiber processing, adhesives, and other high viscosity fluid mixing.

Pilot Plant: Applications include laboratories and pilot plants, mixing of small quantities, and mixing of two-component resins (resin + hardener).

High Shear Mixers —  Compared to helical mixers, HSM mixers are better for low/low or low/high viscosity liquids, liquid/gas, and gas/gas mixing applications in most cases. HSM mixers have a higher pressure drop than helical mixers.

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General purpose helical mixers
Helical mixers for food and pharmaceutical applications
Helical mixers for pilot plant applications
Helical mixers for high pressure and high viscosity applications
High Shear Mixers