Thermal Processing

Manufactured by Bepex

Bepex offers a variety of equipment and application expertise for drying, cooling, heating, and reacting.

Drying Solutions include dispersion dryers for continuous slurry drying of high moisture materials, paddle dryers for wet cake drying, and inlet control for heat-sensitive materials.

Cooling Bepex offers indirect technologies providing compact and efficient cooling, and direct technologies for versatility to combine multiple unit operations, such as cooling and pneumatic conveying in a single step.

Heating Systems are available for a variety of applications including melting/mixing, thermal reacting, material tempering, and cooking. Feed rates in excess of 5,000 kg/hr.

Reacting Bepex systems can reach PPM-level moisture requirements and low-level volatiles recovery. Many choices are available for providing material conditioning, plug flow, and fuel savings.